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DNS Colon Therapy: An Introduction

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Colon Hydrotherapy

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natural colon cleanse

Natalie Davis is a guest speaker at Healthy

Host of the show, Dr Gloria Gilbere Ph.D. D.S.C. gives a very informative introduction to colon hydrotherapy, natural colon cleanse,  Natalie Davis’s incredible professional expertise and her NEW book, “BODY TALK NEVER LIES”! You will surely enjoy this enlightening presentation in a form of a conversation between a homeopathic doctor and a colon therapist who “have seen it all”!

Natalie Davis is a guest speaker at “Health Notes”, a Natural Woman radio show

Host of the show, Kinshasha Kambui was interviewing Natalie Davis on KFAI, radio station in Minneapolis, MN

Their discussion was on various topics of colon hydrotherapy and the Mind body Connection:

    • How the body creates holding patterns because emotional traumas continue to run and shape our behavior.
    • Case histories and how colon hydrotherapy was useful and effective for their transformation and change.
    • Natalie also shared about trusting your intuition and having a working knowledge of the body when working with a client …often defines the therapist!
natural colon cleanse