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Colonic Cleansing and Holistic Services

We will assist you in finding the ideal service for YOUR body right now! We believe that each person is a little different and we will work with you to help you find balance, relaxation and vitality within your body and mind.

colonic cleansing and Holistic Services

Colon Hydrotherapy

Physically cleansing the inner body is the first line of defense against sickness and disease. Using warm purified water a gentle and thorough cleansing of the colon eliminates the accumulated toxins that produce dis-ease in the human body. After a few series of colon cleanses your immune system will be greatly enhanced and you will feel lighter and more energized.

colonic cleansing and Holistic Services

Holistic Health Consulting

Natalie Davis will teach you important tools for increased health and well-being and a more natural, balanced way of life. Detoxifying the body with colon cleanses, liver cleanse or lymphatic drainage, nutrition and exercise bring the body into balance naturally. She has many success stories of helping clients to overcome chronic health problems by treating the underlying cause with holistic consulting.

Lymphatic Drainage

There are 400-700 lymph nodes in the body, half of which are located in the abdomen, and many are in the neck. They are our main immune system, clearing the cellular waste. Too often the lymphatic nodes get clogged, swollen and our health is compromised.

We use a gentle massage technique which opens the clogged systems, increases the fluid circulation and cell regeneration.

Healthy regeneration is the best way to succeed. I happily and fully support Natalie Davis and her work regarding lymphatic draining and colon therapy, which I have experienced many times. I work in the field of Radiology and have diagnosed countless cases of varying types of cancer and disease and I don’t want to “go there”.

Many health issues can be prevented, delayed and stopped by frequent internal cleansing. ~ C. L. Holmes MD

colonic cleansing and Holistic Services