Lymphatic drainage:
There are 400-700 lymph nodes in the body, half of
which are located in the abdomen, and many are in
the neck. They are our main immune system, clearing
the cellular waste.
Too often the lymphatic nodes get clogged, swollen
and our health is compromised.
We use a gentle massage technique which opens the clogged systems, increases the fluid circulation and cell regeneration.

Transformational BodyWork (2 hrs):
This is a combination of a deep tissue massage with acupressure points and breath work.

TBW is a process of self discovery, a deep exploration of the psyche and musculature holding patterns that continue to run thus shaping our behavior. It is a process of revealing unhealed wounds and traumas that hold an emotional charge through cellular memory.
The experienced therapist is able to read the holding patterns of the body’s armor .

Davis is a gifted therapist with wisdom and healing intuition shared by few. Her expertise resonates beyond that which is immediately apparent in those she counsels. Her Transformational BodyWork therapy provides clients a “safe” haven laced with feelings of support and approval; who for many is a sought-after validation of physical symptoms never before experienced, understood or uncovered.
- Gloria Gilbere, DA Hom., DSC., EcoEgronomist, Wholistic Rejuvenist
Swedish Massage:
Therapeutic in origin, used in Europe
and China for medical purposes.
Rational scientific and designed to
create specific remedial effects in a
pleasant relaxing way. We use long
in order to manipulate the
superficial and deeper layers of
muscle and connective tissue to
enhance function and aid in the
healing process, resulting in a
relaxed state of being.
Sports Massage:
For whatever sport you play!
Sports massage will give you that
20% extra protection, extra time,
per game, per season, per career
for the amateur, professional, or the
armchair quarterback.
We use deep tissue massage to
relieve severe tension in the muscle
and the connective tissue.
Healthy regeneration is the best way to succeed. I happily and fully support Natalie Davis and her work regarding lymphatic draining and colon therapy, which I have experienced many times. I work in the field of Radiology and have diagnosed countless cases of varying types of cancer and disease and I don’t want to “go there”.
Many health issues can be prevented, delayed and stopped by frequent internal cleansing. ~ C. L. Holmes MD

Colon Hydrotherapy :
Physically cleansing the inner body is the first line of defense against sickness and disease. Using warm purified water a gentle and thorough cleansing of the colon eliminates the accumulated toxins that produce dis-ease in the human body.
After a few series of colon cleanses your immune system will be greatly enhanced and you will feel lighter and more energized.

We will assist you in fiding the ideal service for YOUR body right now!
We believe that each person is a little different and we will work with
you to help you find balance, relaxation and vitality within your body
and mind.

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